The Modern Heritage Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to researching and disseminating information on the use of new technologies to record, evaluate, and manage heritage resources, including archaeological sites, historic structures, and cultural landscapes. The Foundation works with technology providers, academic institutions, government agencies, and private industry practitioners to conduct field and laboratory tests of various technologies in heritage resource settings. Upon study completion, reports and results are disseminated through the foundation’s website - ModernHeritage.net. The foundation provides a forum to support the seamless integration of new technologies in heritage resource management and to encourage public outreach and education on the benefits of technologies to heritage resource management.

The Modern Heritage Foundation is governed by an Executive Director, Officers, and Board of Directors. Modern Heritage supports the work of Advanced Metal Detecting for Archaeologists, which provides Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) certified training in the use of metal detectors on historic archaeological sites.

Technology providers are encouraged to contact Modern Heritage about potential applications and testing. Researchers seeking grant support are also encouraged to contact the Foundation. New South Associates provides administrative and financial support to the Modern Heritage Foundation on a pro bono basis.

Email The Modern Heritage Foundation at research@modernheritage.net